Instructional book and music with original transcriptions for the double bass and bass guitar.

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Steve Palmore

Bassist, Steve Palmore, hales originally from Chicago, Illinois, where he began his musical studies as a trumpet player in high school. He picked up the electric bass as a result of joining an R&B band that already had too many guitar players.

A trumpet major entering college, Steve switched his major to the acoustic bass after hearing Charles Mingus and Eddie Gomez live. He then devoted all of his energies to a full-time, intense study of the acoustic bass.

Life was all about the bass twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Within a year he began gigging on the local Chicago circuit playing and studying everything he could to master his skills.

His studies have included instruction with Rufus Reid, Richard Davis, Warren Benfield, Cecil McBee, London Branch, Buster Williams, Albert Derneshod, William Yancy and Eldee Young, but his influences have come from many great players of various instruments.

Steve Palmore has performed with the Duke Ellington Orchestra, the Civic Symphony Orchestra of Chicago, Stevie Wonder, Hannibal Marvin Peterson, Von Freeman, Chico Freeman, Muhal Richard Abhamns, Phyliss Diller, Sonny Stitt, Buddy Grecco, Bud Freeman, Steve Coleman, The Apollo theater house band, The Chicago Bears, Big Band, society bands, showbands, wedding bands, and cruiseship bands.

He has Broadway and television credits to his name, as well as major music festival work in the U.S. and abroad. He has played in numerous recordings of jazz, symphony, r&b, rock, latin, blues, and several other musical styles. He has also recorded under his own name. He credits the Chicago local music scene as being a training ground for a variety of musical styles. He has also taught privately for a number of years, and at music camps. His latest book, Covering All Basses, brings all his playing and teaching experiences into one easy-to-follow masterpiece.

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